It's June

Just in time for June!


Have been working with lots of agates and quartz stones this month, and i'm not complaining! Listed some to my Etsy, but there are still more to go!

Look at all these beautiful stones! 

Look at all these beautiful stones! 


Tried my hands on engraving too for my giveaway (congrats to Gwendoline!), and have to say these beauties are such great pieces for engraving! I can foresee me doing more of these, but first #letmefindtime

But one thing i'm super excited is this



My first calligraphy book is actually by Eleanor Winters "Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy", and i think most of us who learned calligraphy actually had/flipped it before. And so when Chia of cforcalligraphy shared with me about her tour, i couldn't help but immediately up for it! 

All these while there are enquiries on me for workshops, but honestly, i feel that teaching is one great skill, how to make them understand, at the same time igniting their passion on calligraphy, which i think i'm lacking of. So i have been declining to teach (ok i should have ammend my website on the "Workshops" section, but oh wells again #letmefindtime). It has been my dream after Micheal Sull's Spencerian workshop, to bring in teachers to share their passion. Even though nowadays i rarely practice Spencerian (sorry teacher!), but the experience, learning bout his passion and the humbleness, meeting fellow calligraphy enthusiasts are something that i'll remember for a very long time. I guess this is the beauty of in-person workshop!

And so when Inez agreed to host together, double joy! And the good people in Cziplee are sponsoring the printing materials, so you know you'll be getting some quality papers to write on! 

Head on to kligraphy for more details on the workshops, and can't wait!



May is supposed to be a month of joy (ok it still is coz of the election, anyway...), and a month of sleepless nights

Except that didn’t happen

I can’t remember how many times i have cried myself to sleep
Or cried while bathing
Or while looking at Rae and Jiunn playing together

They make such great sister and brother to you little one, but you’ll never got to see them

You have the most ultrasound pictures, yet, when i finally got to see you, is the time we had to say goodbye

Everytime when an ambulance pass by, there will be a sudden nervousness, remembering the time when i was in the ambulance, looking out seeing all the cars tailgating the ambulance, thinking “What if they crashed into this ambulance?”

And whenever i step into the hospital for check ups, i will still overwhelmed by emotions, the hope, disappointment, despair, and the sadness.

The hardest part was when Rae and Jiunn pointed at my still bulging tummy, and said “Baby?”, my heart sanked, and i had to tell them, he is gone. Rae never quite got it, but she can sense my sadness, and never ask again. But nowadays Jiunn always points at my boobs and said “Baby?”, ok.........*rolled eyes*

Sorry my little one
Sorry that i was not strong enough to hold you longer in my body
Sorry that i didn’t get to show you, how beautiful the world is
And how wonderful you brother and sister
And of course, your papa

Somehow i learnt that
It will never be okay, but it’s okay
And thank you my sister who shared with me this book Tear Soup, learning to accept the grief, and knowing that, ok, i’m still normal


Grief is something not many people talk about, yet it affects deeply. I remember when everything was done, i looked at these blog posts, and instantly i was calmed. Words of comfort, and the words of knowing the same feeling, was just what i needed the most at that time. Somehow, if you are currently in the same boat as me, just to let you know, i’m by your side



Dear little one,

Thank you for showing me the strength of your little body, and the joy you have given to us at the first few months. Though your sister was not happy initially knowing you are a boy ("I already have a brother, i want a sister" that's what she said), but she was totally looking forward seeing you day after day. And your brother Jiunn, i can imagine the mess you both will make, if you are still here

Love you always, and we’ll see each other again somewhere

Lily of the Valley, beautifully painted by the talented  Jie Yan

Lily of the Valley, beautifully painted by the talented Jie Yan

Was diagnosed with subchorioinic hematoma in womb, and with the constant bleeding i was in bed rest, thus triggered pulmonary embolism, and somehow on the 6-month, i had PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membrane), and the pregnancy was terminated

My Favorite Tools for Calligraphy

10 April: Updated with link to the stores mentioned!

So a new month new year! 


Perhaps in the new year you’d like to pick up something new, or you have always wanted to learn calligraphy, so here i am sharing my favorite tools for calligraphy! 

So first, the pen holder! 

See how well loved (aka dirty lolol) these 2 holders are

See how well loved (aka dirty lolol) these 2 holders are

For the beginners who are absolutely clueless on learning calligraphy, the one on the right is the one that normally i recommend-Speedball Pen Holder. It doesn’t break the bank (RM18) and it allows one to get familiarise on how to write with these wand like thing! It comes in oblique and straight, i’d recommend using oblique as you may find yourself putting too much pressure if you are using the straight holder. An oblique holder allows you to control the thin and thick strokes better!

And when you feel you are getting better, you can try getting the hand turned holder (RM120 and you can find them in both cziplee and stickerrific). I use this holder for almost 2 years and they indeed provide a better grip compare to the speedball.


These 3 pen holders are from Michael Sull and i really like them alot! If you are just into modern calligraphy, the previous 2 mentioned pen holder will do the job fine. However if you decide to advance your skill and take things more seriously, i’d suggest to invest in a good pen holder, especially from those penman who specialized in that particular script (e.g Copperplate, Spencerian, Italian etc), as it actually has a certain angle that allows you to write the script perfectly. There are alot of fancier penholders (painted, galaxy, ergonomic etc), but these Michael Sull’s pen holders are really light, very good angle for Spencerian script, and they are not that expensive too (approximately RM290 when i bought them that time). So i guess i’ll be using them till death lolol

Next up, nibs


There are lotsa nibs out there. Soft, medium, hard. These two are my favorites-Nikko G and Hunt Principal. One is hard (Nikko G) while one is soft & flexible (Hunt Principal). Initially i like flexible nibs alot and i really do not like Nikko G, but after attending Michael Sull’s workshop seeing how he works with Nikko G makes me change my mind on this nib, and it’s one of my fav now!


And once you are comfortable using either, perhaps you can try these two-EF66 and Blanzy 2552. It may require you to have extra investment, as EF66 is a smaller nib so a different pen holder is needed, while for the Blanzy it’s actually a vintage nib, so you can only get them online (ebay or etsy), where currency is not on favorable for us in Malaysia T.T 

And Ink!


Walnut ink! I love it so much till you see i have a 4oz walnut crystal, which i think will last till forever lol. I love that how you can dilute them to make them watery, or make the consistency thicker as a very dark ink! One jar of crystal cost around RM20 in Stickerrific (the one on the bottom with gold cap) and it’ll last you for quite a long time! 


For black ink especially if for digitizing work i always use this Sumi ink (see how kiasu i am to buy extra bottles just in case). It’s super dark and has a glossy finish which makes it looks great when scanned. However i find them quite corrosive to the nib so make sure you clean the nib properly after use!

Lately i’ve been using Ecoline watercolor ink alot too for calligraphy (the “january 2018” picture was written with Ecoline!). Especially this grey 718, i love how soft and vintage look it gives! 


And if you’d like to try out colored ink, i recommend this two brand-Ziller ink and Dr PH Martin’s. Both are acrylic inks so they are waterproof and very suitable if you’d like to write on envelope, custom pieces, or on glossy surface such as agate slices. I especially love this Dr PH Martin’s as they are not only waterproof but shimmer too! Which makes it perfect for many custom work. While for the Ziller Ink personally i love their white ink, and this periwinkle blue which is so dreamy. You can get Dr PH Martin’s ink from Scrap-n-Crop, while the Ziller Ink unfortunately have to order from overseas (try Paper Ink Arts!).


There are alot of gold inks in the market, and these two are the ones i used the most-Finetec Arabian Gold and Dr PH Martin’s Iridescent Coppler Plate Gold. I especially love the latter as it’s waterproof, but Finetec allows one write with a very beautiful hairline work which is super gorgeous too!

So these above are some of my favorites and go-tos when working on custom pieces. Despite having other tools, somehow always i’ll come back to these. So if you have quite limited budget, just get the basic ones first, practice your skills, and slowly add in more to your collection. 

There are currently alot of calligraphy workshops available in Malaysia, personally i recommend Kligraphy’s class, as it’s a 5-hour workshop that really allows you to immerse yourself into calligraphy, practice the strokes and understand how to write (there's where i learned my calligraphy!). And i always encourage people to learn Copperplate first, so that once you are familiar with the strokes you can then break the rules and create your own style!

Another thing i’d recommend is to get in touch with other calligraphers or hobbyists, initiate an art jam or pen meet, from there you can try out more tools or materials without breaking the bank! This is why i love to meet up with fellow calligraphers so i can try their stuffs for free muahahahah (opps my secret is leaked lolol)

So there you have it! Hopefully it helps you in learning calligraphy, and let’s keep on creating in this new year!


 *looooong post ahead! Erm..enjoy?😂*

And so this week marks the 20-week of this little one in my body

Hi bump! 

Hi bump! 

But if you have been following my insta stories you’d also know by then i have been in and out of the hospital during this period of time. So here i am jotting down this little eventful journey


I am blessed with 2 beautiful children, Rae and Jiunn, in 2 smooth pregnancy, and with me as a pescetarian, they were born naturally without epidural in 3.7 and 3.75kg respectively. My husband and i had been joking of having another one in the family, as both of us also come from a family of 5 (with me being 3 girls, and 3 boys on his side), but never taking things too seriously.


One day in August there was some unusual bleeding happened, and following that month i was feeling nausea and fatigue. However it was also a busy time for me both in family and calligraphy work, so i brushed it aside and continued to work till middle of the night like i used to, because that’s the only quiet me time that i got for myself


However the fatigue and no appetite didn’t go away as i hoped, and i even consulted a traditional chinese practitioner who said i had blocked “chi” lolol. But after some time we realised “hey, what if?”, went to get a pregnancy kit, and yay! We are going to have a third little baby in the family!


Though happy, but it was an unexpected news and we had already booked a family trip to overseas in October. But with my past records of healthy pregnancy, we just go ahead with the plan and packed our bags to Laos. 


It was a much needed trip after working so hard, and was happy that one of my closest friend got to join in as well, who helped me to play or carry the little ones, so i was not overtired in the trip.


I was cautious myself too, in the food intake as well as keeping the travel pace slow and easy. But one day after a little hiking and on the way back to our stay, i felt a pop, and trickling of water started to flow down on my thigh


I was horrified and stunned. Many things went through my mind, and i couldn’t stop having all those crazy thoughts. And once we reached our hotel and when i stood up from the seat, i saw, the blood


We booked the next earliest flight back, and though i was sad to not able to enjoy the rest of my trip (especially i had reserve the best stay for the rest of the nights, and a great front row seat for the flight back), but with an equally full flight, surprisingly we have got one middle front row seat, which was not too bad, and an empty seat for my husband’s row at the back, which provided a bit of room for the kiddos to sleep in that 4-hour flight back. So though i was grieving and couldn’t stop my tears on the flight back, somehow this little things has comforted me greatly!


The next day we went to the hospital, totally prepared to what was coming, but surprisingly, tadaa, we were greeted with a little wiggle and a strong heartbeat. Meh. What a roller coaster ride! We were both abit caught off guard, as we came for the worst. I even had an eulogy on the flight back!


After this episode, life goes on but with a little more cautious, i avoided carrying heavy stuffs (including my dear kids), and not accepting new jobs except those that i had already noted on. But when i thought everything was going fine, bam, blood again


Rushed to the hospital and found out there was a bigger blood clot in the womb, and i was immediately admitted to hospital for bed rest. Though i was worried, but with the great care from the hospital, as well as the supports from the husband and family, i went home 4-day later and continue to had bed rest at home. That was also the time my interview was out on the November issue of Marie Claire, and it was a great news to share with my family albeit the worrying situation.


Till this time my doctor had already inform us that i was in a high risk pregnancy, because i have been having few times of bleeding. I was fully aware and just continue to be careful, almost like a queen in the house not doing anything, maybe except doing my calligraphy and stories/singing session with my kids.



And my favorite month December is here! A month of celebration, happiness, warmth, and food!! Yet, since start of the month twice i woke up soaked in blood. It was like a scene in horror movie. But as there was no pain and it was not fresh blood, we just monitor closely but nothing much can be done. And when i thought, that was it, sigh, another thing happened.


Last Thursday night when i was watching the TV, suddenly i experienced serious chest pain, and difficulty in breathing, it was a tough night to sleep and when the sun was up, i went to my doctor in the hospital to check what was going on. And then everything was a blur, as i was suddenly classified as a high risk patient, wheeling in and out from test after test, and finally admitted to ICU for further monitoring


The first X-Ray in my life! 

The first X-Ray in my life! 

It was the first time i heard of the term pulmonary embolism, though i’m full aware of this as one of my friend had the same diagnosis when she was pregnant and went through a very tough time (2 jabs per day throughout the whole pregnancy and beyond). However i didn’t show alot of the symptoms (difficulty in breathing, coughing, dizzy), only chest pain. So i was just being closely monitored, but no treatment was given.


However after few days in the ICU the pain didn’t subside, so i was transferred out from the private hospital to one of the biggest government hospital in town as they have better equipment to diagnose it. It was another new experience as i have never step foot in government hospital before, even though the environment is really not in tip-top condition, but the professionalism of the doctors and nurses, and the care they have given to me provided much comfort for me and my husband during this tough time


Air-cond error 404

Air-cond error 404

There were alot of decisions needed to be made during this period: to transfer, not to transfer? Private or government hospital? To maintain the treatment or look for second opinion? To do CT scan or don’t do it? As mentioned though i was suspected with Pulmonary Embolism (P.E.), the doctors couldn’t start the treatment with me as clinically i didn’t look like one (i’m one of the energetic one in the 50-people ward haha), and they needed me to do the CT scan to confirm or rule out.

It was actually one of the toughest decision to make, as we all aware the risk of radiation on baby and the mother. Rejecting initially on this idea, but after given much thought, with the assurance of the doctors and specialists, scan was done and i was immediately transferred to now High Dependency Unit for close monitoring


One nurse assigned to each patient. I feel like a royal lolol

One nurse assigned to each patient. I feel like a royal lolol

So here i am, sitting on a quite comfortable hospital bed in this government hospital (with air-cond yay!), and only 6 other mamas-to-be with a 20 over staffs (nurses, doctors and specialists) looking after us. There are still complications, as i’m currently in both medical case (P.E) and gynecology (threatened miscarriage with the constant bleeding), but i know i’m well taken care of. And if you didn’t know, Malaysia has quite a good medical benefits for the citizens, that i know for all these professional treatments i received will not cause a great stress to my already tiring husband. 


Thank you my rock, hope to discharge so we can stroll in the park again! 

Thank you my rock, hope to discharge so we can stroll in the park again! 

We still didn’t know what causes the blood clot to form in the womb, which causes the bleeding, but we can now sort of confirm now that the bed rest that i had, as well as drinking not enough water, has caused my blood to be thicken (this is especially so during pregnancy so stay hydrated!), that’s why blood clots were formed and it goes to my lung.


There’s still a long way to go, i can’t share with you now whether this will be a happy ending or otherwise, but i’m quite relief to know the reason. And really thank you to all the well wishes during this time, and especially to my family and my dearest husband, who has given me all the great supports needed. The only regret for me now is that i didn’t get to enjoy this magical season with my 2 kiddos, especially Rae who has been worried and missing me much, but only can receive my updates through the videos recorded everyday


While for Jiunn, well, boy is boy

Self-stick the stickers on his forehead. Okaaay

Self-stick the stickers on his forehead. Okaaay

Thank you for the flowers and well wishes <3

Thank you for the flowers and well wishes <3

So now, let me rest on bed again, and write :) weee brush pens, nibs and watercolor time again muahahahahahah


Update on January 2018

A new year, but same old same old. Bleeding still happens everyday, jabbing needs to be done twice a day till delivery, but at least i still can wake up to see the sunrise and the little baby is still moving strong, so am super grateful!

Marie Claire Interview

So in September i received an email from Natasha of Marie Claire saying they wanted me to answer few questions, and of course i said YES! I thought there were only 1 or 2, but they sent me 11 questions! So i answered them, sent in some photos, and she said it would be published in November

So patiently i waited

and waited


And finally it's November, that time i was in the hospital, enjoying my little staycation

The food was actually not bad and i ate more in hospital compared at home lol

The food was actually not bad and i ate more in hospital compared at home lol

 And my husband bought me this





I thought it's only a few lines, on a conversation bubble, with my headshot, but NOOOO A FULLLL PAGEEEEEEE OMGGGGGGG, i nearly screamed in the wad hahaha

Ok now only i realise they spelt my IG handle wrongly (it's  helloglooomi ), but it's ok i forgive you LOL

Ok now only i realise they spelt my IG handle wrongly (it's helloglooomi), but it's ok i forgive you LOL

I'm glad they chose this picture, coz she's the one that got me into this whole calligraphy thingy!

I'm glad they chose this picture, coz she's the one that got me into this whole calligraphy thingy!

So here is the interview, un-edited version (and i'm quite surprised they didn't edit alot of my replies! Coz i worried they might find my replies mundane so i wrote alot for them lol)

What’s a usual day like for you?

Normally i wakes up at 9am. Morning and noon will be busy with my 2 kids, Rae and Jiunn (shower, breakfast, abit of reading and singing, lunch), after lunch, when the kids go to nap, i’ll plan out my work (mixing watercolors or ink, doing design drafts), or replying emails, so once they wake up it’s dinner time! Luckily my mum stay close to me so i always head over there for dinner, and after back home another round of shower, reading and singing. After putting them to bed which is normally around 9pm, that’s the time i start my work. Sometimes when it’s busy i’ll work until 3-4am, and the day goes the same the next day :)

Why do you do what you do/ Why Calligraphy/art?

I have always been a creative person and fascinated by typography and lettering, but it’s only 3 years ago that i get to know about calligraphy. I find it very therapeutic, and there’s so much to learn about! And to be able to see the progress i made in front of myself is an amazing feeling as well. When currently everything is moving so fast, calligraphy allows one to slow down and just focus on writing the letters. Also through this calligraphy journey i’ve learned that practice does make progress, one just needs to be patient and dedicate the time!

How did Crafted by Day come about?

I become a stay-at-home mum 4-year ago after i delivered my eldest daughter Rae, and honestly the initial period was very difficult, as i had been working for very long time and couldn’t get used to being at home with a baby. So the phone is my window to the world. And one day i saw a post on instagram of an oblique pen holder, that’s the moment i started to explore more about calligraphy. That’s also the time where workshops are blooming, so i took workshops after workshops, from calligraphy to brush lettering, from chalk lettering to watercolor, as well as taking online courses. At the same time i started to share more of my work on my IG @helloglooomi. And after i got a commission job from Sherly of Tie The Knot, who is super encouraging, that’s when i decided to set up Crafted by Day

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

To have clients saying they love the design even though it’s just the initial messy drafts, that’s the best!

What is your dream project?

To be able to do lettering on store’s window front, that’ll be awesome!

Describe yourself in three words.

Positive, carefree and creative!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookies!

What’s your favourite artwork?

It was the first commission job i got from Tie The Knot, to create table mats and thank you notes with watercolor and calligraphy. Looking back the artwork was very raw and amateur, but it was the starting point to everything else.

This &lt;3

This <3

Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Vivy Yusof! I adore her energy on managing both career and family. But at the same i have been very blessed and am very happy to work with current clients who trusted me to create pieces for their big day!

What music do you listen to when you do your artwork/Do you listen to music when you do your artwork?

Nope i prefer to keep it quiet as the day has been very noisy with the kids screaming and shouting, i need some quiet time for myself to work :)

Do you have a secret talent?

I can bend my thumb to my wrist

Nah my secret talent and Sherly said i can join the circus LOL

Nah my secret talent and Sherly said i can join the circus LOL

So hope you enjoyed reading it, and get to know me a lil bit more better! Thank you to Marie Claire team for giving me the chance! Someday in the future i will definitely be sharing this with Rae and Jiunn, that you know, just do what you love, do it well, and the rest will follow :)


It has been 5-year since i married to my best friend

Our love story :) 

Our love story :) 

It was in a car ride we discussed about marriage and decided to get married

So yeap no proposal no ring no fancy fireworks

Nope, no bling

Nope, no bling

I actually insisted on not having a ring (or proposal), but somehow he felt it’s important to have one, so we engaged my cousin to do up a simple gold and platinum ring (she even threw me a lil diamond yay!). But guess who is not wearing it now hmmm 

After sometime he did mention he actually wanted to have a proposal, even consulted his best friend, but somehow the plan got drifted away. So every now and then i'll tease him that i'm still waiting for the big surprise!

*So guys, don't believe what the girls said and just give her a proposal! If not she'll bug you for life!

I still remember

The planning

The sourcing

The running around

And luckily, no arguments throughout the whole journey

And i also remember the days leading to our wedding day it was raining cats and dogs everyday!

Fluffing the poms with my sis the day before the big day, and moments after this a heavy downpour!

Fluffing the poms with my sis the day before the big day, and moments after this a heavy downpour!

We were worried, but also thought to ourself, whatever comes, let it come

But it was a beautiful & joyful day

My bouquet was made by my talented sis!

My bouquet was made by my talented sis!

I'm so glad to have my grandpa to witness my wedding, but sadly he couldn't make it to see the birth of Rae. This is the picture i'll treasure forever

I'm so glad to have my grandpa to witness my wedding, but sadly he couldn't make it to see the birth of Rae. This is the picture i'll treasure forever

And 5-year later


We make it a ritual to come back to this place every October to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and always glad to see the familiar faces who helped us alot in our wedding dinner

2 this year, adding a little one next year

It'll be a busy 2018!


12-year together & 5-year married

To my best friend

I've told you many times but really, i'm so lucky to have you

Thank you for all the love

Let's grow old together



Photography by Jenny Sun and Cash Studio

Celebrating Rufina & Weng Kit

And so it’s October! 

Time really flies don’t you think? 

Time really flies don’t you think? 

Perhaps having 2 kids plus a family to manage plus need to manage this little interest of mine, seems like in just a blink of eye year end is here! There’s still so so so much i want to learn and do! 

Anyway just realise i haven’t share about this before, so thought to blog it before my goldfish memory fails me! 

So in June i was contacted by the bride to create some pieces for her ROM celebration in Singapore, and i have to say autocorrect is really a good source for laughter, as we have alot of “yikes the autocorrect!” moments and sometimes i really laughed like crazy receiving her message 😂😂 Yet when i finally got to meet her, wow, a really elegant lady, and totally different from all the autocorrect moments! 

Thanks to her i finally got to work on some acrylic pieces after the styled shoot in Langkawi (just realised i haven’t blogged about it! Oh wells..find time i must!), and here are some of the photos shared by the beautiful bride, an intimate celebration with her loved ones



They are looking for modern calligraphy and so here it is, acrylic piece for the table settings


A very elegant table settings!


Had a minor hiccups in creating this menu piece, as there are some mistakes on the wordings (yikessss), but luckily got to rectify and sent to her just before the event! (Phew!) note to self: don’t work too late till the eyesight and brain is blur and thus mistakes happened! (But i think after that i still work till very late..sigh...never learned 😒)


As they are having a destination wedding, i love her idea on printing a postcard as place cards! Special messages can also be written behind the card, which i think is a great idea for an intimate wedding. Illustrations are done by her talented cousin, and i was so happy when she told me the guests loved the place cards!

Thanks again for trusting me to create these pieces!  

Celebrating Sanaz & Soroush

I've always love to do pieces for a couple's big day, it's like part of me is reliving the time where i was planning for my own wedding, the research period, the contacting of vendors, the anxious time, and the moment of joy and happiness. And when people are trusting me to create the pieces, it's truly an honour!

Sanaz contacted me to create a welcome board, we met shortly, and there she was a bubbly bright lady! We chatted and she shared her thoughts on wedding, which is so refreshing to know! And so instead of putting the normal "Welcome to our wedding", we decided to use "Welcome to our celebration of love" :)



It was a small intimate gathering for her and her family, before embarking their journey in another country, so she also had me to prepare place cards, which just fits her theme perfectly!

Added a lil touch of gold for that sparkle!

Added a lil touch of gold for that sparkle!

And shortly after the event she sent me the pictures, and oh my you lady the time spent on pinterest is totally worth it! You'd not believe she plan it all by herself!

So here it is, celebrating Sanaz & Soroush. 


Thanks again for having me in your celebration, may the future holds bright and lovely for you both!

Photography: The Wedding Barn

Venue: The Dusun

Marie Claire August Issue

It seems like in this 2-month i'm seeing all my efforts bearing fruits, and this feels so good!

I remember In June i got contacted by Marie Claire Malaysia to letter t-shirts for their upcoming photo/video shoot, and of coz i said yes to it! That's the thing for us who do calligraphy or lettering, we just want to letter on anything and any surface and materials!


Preparing the drafts in airport

Preparing the drafts in airport

That time i was heading to Singapore for a short trip, and as the timeline was super tight, i had to bring my sketchbooks and brush to prepare for the drafts, it was crazy yet fun!


Letter letter letter

Letter letter letter

All the T-shirts

All the T-shirts

It was really fun working on them, to see the idea transfer to drafts then transfer to the t-shirt. And after 2-month of waiting (for me), i share with you the amazing photoshoot done by Marie Claire Malaysia with Rado and Faber Castell!


August Issue

August Issue


I remembered when i was painting these t-shirts, "Girl Boss" was the one i like most, and in my mind i was also thinking, ah wouldn't it be great if it's Vivy Yusof who wears it

And indeed she did

With the editor even!

My life is complete hahahahahah

Thanks again for the opportunity! You can head over to Marie Claire Amazing Women to read about the interviews!

Spencerian Bootcamp by Michael Sull

I never thought i'd like Spencerian

I mean i started from Copperplate calligraphy, and it actually took me quite a while to appreciate the beauty of the fine lines and crazy beautiful curves! And one need to have great skills in order to master it!

Sadly in Malaysia i couldn't find anyone to teach me this beautiful script, and so when i found out the Master Penman Michael Sull was going to have Spencerian workshop in Cebu and Manila, i was like i MUST go! Was contemplating to join both Cebu and Manila, but i thought to myself, just learn the basic first, and maybe next year join the advance class! So after checking with my ever supportive husband, plane tix booked, hotels booked, and off we went to Cebu!

i am really glad that i make it to this 2-day Spencerian beginner's bootcamp, to learn all the basics, understand the forms and the reasons, and surrounded by all the talented people in the room. I still remember when i found out someone i followed for quite a while on insta was sitting just right next to me, i screamed a little inside (and out)! And Michael Sull, oh Michael Sull, so adorable, and so so humble even though with his wealth of knowledge on this field! He really took the time to explain and show us the right way, and always when we said thank you to him, he'd replied "Thank you for letting me to show you!" awwwwwww

And to be able to immerse myself in this beautiful script for 2-day, even with this 2-day, my eyes are trained, and i'm looking to train my skills so i can write this script beautifully and confidently!

So here are some photos for the 2-day!


Excited kids with not so excited parents behind

Excited kids with not so excited parents behind

We (or I) were actually quite worried for the plane ride, coz you know, 2 kids. And this is the first time Jiunn takes a plane ride that is more than 1 hour. But luckily everything went well, without the help of iNanny (but lotsa grapes and biscuits helped!) and we reached Cebu safe and sound!

Dec 7 1910, no biggie

Dec 7 1910, no biggie

Michael Sull brought along with him a giant folder, that contains original letters or writings of the great penman, so that we can be inspired by the writings, and we were really amazed by the skilfulness and gracefulness of the letters!

I screamed a little when i saw this! Louis Madarasz of Madarasz Script!

I screamed a little when i saw this! Louis Madarasz of Madarasz Script!

Pardon my fingers, but such delicate lines!

Pardon my fingers, but such delicate lines!

Who can resist these gorgeous penholders?

Who can resist these gorgeous penholders?

So light and fits just right!

So light and fits just right!

I liked how Michael Sull took his time to explain the difference of holders, and also helped us to adjust our own holders. But i remembered he was abit shocked seeing my ink-stained holders (opps!), and kept telling me to "Remember to clean the nib properly after writing!"

So i bought his holders, and he was adjusting mine here

So i bought his holders, and he was adjusting mine here

My three little wands!

My three little wands!

Rise and shine the next morning! Rae loves scooping out the fresh super sweet mangoes and put them in her yogurt!&nbsp;

Rise and shine the next morning! Rae loves scooping out the fresh super sweet mangoes and put them in her yogurt! 

Here's Jiunn guarding his yogurt

Here's Jiunn guarding his yogurt

On day 2 he showed us on the spot flourishing which is sooooooo crazy!

On day 2 he showed us on the spot flourishing which is sooooooo crazy!



He also wrote all our names in "fancy letters"

He also wrote all our names in "fancy letters"

That's mine!

That's mine!

And my seatmate-  Pia!

And my seatmate- Pia!

Of course, we need to take a picture!

Of course, we need to take a picture!

Me with  Pia  and  Hana !

Me with Pia and Hana!

Some may think learning calligraphy is a trend, like workshops popping up, fancy settings and what not. But really it has been around so for long, and calligraphy is really an art by itself. Really thankful to be able to attend and learn this artform, the warmth and hospitality, the talent, the never stop learning (do you know he still practice 4-hour per day?), the humbleness and the passion is something i'll cherish for a long long time!

Till next time!

Till next time!