It's June

Just in time for June!


Have been working with lots of agates and quartz stones this month, and i'm not complaining! Listed some to my Etsy, but there are still more to go!

Look at all these beautiful stones! 

Look at all these beautiful stones! 


Tried my hands on engraving too for my giveaway (congrats to Gwendoline!), and have to say these beauties are such great pieces for engraving! I can foresee me doing more of these, but first #letmefindtime

But one thing i'm super excited is this



My first calligraphy book is actually by Eleanor Winters "Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy", and i think most of us who learned calligraphy actually had/flipped it before. And so when Chia of cforcalligraphy shared with me about her tour, i couldn't help but immediately up for it! 

All these while there are enquiries on me for workshops, but honestly, i feel that teaching is one great skill, how to make them understand, at the same time igniting their passion on calligraphy, which i think i'm lacking of. So i have been declining to teach (ok i should have ammend my website on the "Workshops" section, but oh wells again #letmefindtime). It has been my dream after Micheal Sull's Spencerian workshop, to bring in teachers to share their passion. Even though nowadays i rarely practice Spencerian (sorry teacher!), but the experience, learning bout his passion and the humbleness, meeting fellow calligraphy enthusiasts are something that i'll remember for a very long time. I guess this is the beauty of in-person workshop!

And so when Inez agreed to host together, double joy! And the good people in Cziplee are sponsoring the printing materials, so you know you'll be getting some quality papers to write on! 

Head on to kligraphy for more details on the workshops, and can't wait!