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It has been 5-year since i married to my best friend

Our love story :) 

Our love story :) 

It was in a car ride we discussed about marriage and decided to get married

So yeap no proposal no ring no fancy fireworks

Nope, no bling

Nope, no bling

I actually insisted on not having a ring (or proposal), but somehow he felt it’s important to have one, so we engaged my cousin to do up a simple gold and platinum ring (she even threw me a lil diamond yay!). But guess who is not wearing it now hmmm 

After sometime he did mention he actually wanted to have a proposal, even consulted his best friend, but somehow the plan got drifted away. So every now and then i'll tease him that i'm still waiting for the big surprise!

*So guys, don't believe what the girls said and just give her a proposal! If not she'll bug you for life!

I still remember

The planning

The sourcing

The running around

And luckily, no arguments throughout the whole journey

And i also remember the days leading to our wedding day it was raining cats and dogs everyday!

Fluffing the poms with my sis the day before the big day, and moments after this a heavy downpour!

Fluffing the poms with my sis the day before the big day, and moments after this a heavy downpour!

We were worried, but also thought to ourself, whatever comes, let it come

But it was a beautiful & joyful day

My bouquet was made by my talented sis!

My bouquet was made by my talented sis!

I'm so glad to have my grandpa to witness my wedding, but sadly he couldn't make it to see the birth of Rae. This is the picture i'll treasure forever

I'm so glad to have my grandpa to witness my wedding, but sadly he couldn't make it to see the birth of Rae. This is the picture i'll treasure forever

And 5-year later


We make it a ritual to come back to this place every October to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and always glad to see the familiar faces who helped us alot in our wedding dinner

2 this year, adding a little one next year

It'll be a busy 2018!


12-year together & 5-year married

To my best friend

I've told you many times but really, i'm so lucky to have you

Thank you for all the love

Let's grow old together



Photography by Jenny Sun and Cash Studio

Celebrating Rufina & Weng Kit

And so it’s October! 

Time really flies don’t you think? 

Time really flies don’t you think? 

Perhaps having 2 kids plus a family to manage plus need to manage this little interest of mine, seems like in just a blink of eye year end is here! There’s still so so so much i want to learn and do! 

Anyway just realise i haven’t share about this before, so thought to blog it before my goldfish memory fails me! 

So in June i was contacted by the bride to create some pieces for her ROM celebration in Singapore, and i have to say autocorrect is really a good source for laughter, as we have alot of “yikes the autocorrect!” moments and sometimes i really laughed like crazy receiving her message 😂😂 Yet when i finally got to meet her, wow, a really elegant lady, and totally different from all the autocorrect moments! 

Thanks to her i finally got to work on some acrylic pieces after the styled shoot in Langkawi (just realised i haven’t blogged about it! Oh wells..find time i must!), and here are some of the photos shared by the beautiful bride, an intimate celebration with her loved ones



They are looking for modern calligraphy and so here it is, acrylic piece for the table settings


A very elegant table settings!


Had a minor hiccups in creating this menu piece, as there are some mistakes on the wordings (yikessss), but luckily got to rectify and sent to her just before the event! (Phew!) note to self: don’t work too late till the eyesight and brain is blur and thus mistakes happened! (But i think after that i still work till very late..sigh...never learned 😒)


As they are having a destination wedding, i love her idea on printing a postcard as place cards! Special messages can also be written behind the card, which i think is a great idea for an intimate wedding. Illustrations are done by her talented cousin, and i was so happy when she told me the guests loved the place cards!

Thanks again for trusting me to create these pieces!  

Celebrating Sanaz & Soroush

I've always love to do pieces for a couple's big day, it's like part of me is reliving the time where i was planning for my own wedding, the research period, the contacting of vendors, the anxious time, and the moment of joy and happiness. And when people are trusting me to create the pieces, it's truly an honour!

Sanaz contacted me to create a welcome board, we met shortly, and there she was a bubbly bright lady! We chatted and she shared her thoughts on wedding, which is so refreshing to know! And so instead of putting the normal "Welcome to our wedding", we decided to use "Welcome to our celebration of love" :)



It was a small intimate gathering for her and her family, before embarking their journey in another country, so she also had me to prepare place cards, which just fits her theme perfectly!

Added a lil touch of gold for that sparkle!

Added a lil touch of gold for that sparkle!

And shortly after the event she sent me the pictures, and oh my you lady the time spent on pinterest is totally worth it! You'd not believe she plan it all by herself!

So here it is, celebrating Sanaz & Soroush. 


Thanks again for having me in your celebration, may the future holds bright and lovely for you both!

Photography: The Wedding Barn

Venue: The Dusun