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Marie Claire Interview

So in September i received an email from Natasha of Marie Claire saying they wanted me to answer few questions, and of course i said YES! I thought there were only 1 or 2, but they sent me 11 questions! So i answered them, sent in some photos, and she said it would be published in November

So patiently i waited

and waited


And finally it's November, that time i was in the hospital, enjoying my little staycation

The food was actually not bad and i ate more in hospital compared at home lol

The food was actually not bad and i ate more in hospital compared at home lol

 And my husband bought me this





I thought it's only a few lines, on a conversation bubble, with my headshot, but NOOOO A FULLLL PAGEEEEEEE OMGGGGGGG, i nearly screamed in the wad hahaha

Ok now only i realise they spelt my IG handle wrongly (it's  helloglooomi ), but it's ok i forgive you LOL

Ok now only i realise they spelt my IG handle wrongly (it's helloglooomi), but it's ok i forgive you LOL

I'm glad they chose this picture, coz she's the one that got me into this whole calligraphy thingy!

I'm glad they chose this picture, coz she's the one that got me into this whole calligraphy thingy!

So here is the interview, un-edited version (and i'm quite surprised they didn't edit alot of my replies! Coz i worried they might find my replies mundane so i wrote alot for them lol)

What’s a usual day like for you?

Normally i wakes up at 9am. Morning and noon will be busy with my 2 kids, Rae and Jiunn (shower, breakfast, abit of reading and singing, lunch), after lunch, when the kids go to nap, i’ll plan out my work (mixing watercolors or ink, doing design drafts), or replying emails, so once they wake up it’s dinner time! Luckily my mum stay close to me so i always head over there for dinner, and after back home another round of shower, reading and singing. After putting them to bed which is normally around 9pm, that’s the time i start my work. Sometimes when it’s busy i’ll work until 3-4am, and the day goes the same the next day :)

Why do you do what you do/ Why Calligraphy/art?

I have always been a creative person and fascinated by typography and lettering, but it’s only 3 years ago that i get to know about calligraphy. I find it very therapeutic, and there’s so much to learn about! And to be able to see the progress i made in front of myself is an amazing feeling as well. When currently everything is moving so fast, calligraphy allows one to slow down and just focus on writing the letters. Also through this calligraphy journey i’ve learned that practice does make progress, one just needs to be patient and dedicate the time!

How did Crafted by Day come about?

I become a stay-at-home mum 4-year ago after i delivered my eldest daughter Rae, and honestly the initial period was very difficult, as i had been working for very long time and couldn’t get used to being at home with a baby. So the phone is my window to the world. And one day i saw a post on instagram of an oblique pen holder, that’s the moment i started to explore more about calligraphy. That’s also the time where workshops are blooming, so i took workshops after workshops, from calligraphy to brush lettering, from chalk lettering to watercolor, as well as taking online courses. At the same time i started to share more of my work on my IG @helloglooomi. And after i got a commission job from Sherly of Tie The Knot, who is super encouraging, that’s when i decided to set up Crafted by Day

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

To have clients saying they love the design even though it’s just the initial messy drafts, that’s the best!

What is your dream project?

To be able to do lettering on store’s window front, that’ll be awesome!

Describe yourself in three words.

Positive, carefree and creative!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookies!

What’s your favourite artwork?

It was the first commission job i got from Tie The Knot, to create table mats and thank you notes with watercolor and calligraphy. Looking back the artwork was very raw and amateur, but it was the starting point to everything else.

This <3

This <3

Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Vivy Yusof! I adore her energy on managing both career and family. But at the same i have been very blessed and am very happy to work with current clients who trusted me to create pieces for their big day!

What music do you listen to when you do your artwork/Do you listen to music when you do your artwork?

Nope i prefer to keep it quiet as the day has been very noisy with the kids screaming and shouting, i need some quiet time for myself to work :)

Do you have a secret talent?

I can bend my thumb to my wrist

Nah my secret talent and Sherly said i can join the circus LOL

Nah my secret talent and Sherly said i can join the circus LOL

So hope you enjoyed reading it, and get to know me a lil bit more better! Thank you to Marie Claire team for giving me the chance! Someday in the future i will definitely be sharing this with Rae and Jiunn, that you know, just do what you love, do it well, and the rest will follow :)

Marie Claire August Issue

It seems like in this 2-month i'm seeing all my efforts bearing fruits, and this feels so good!

I remember In June i got contacted by Marie Claire Malaysia to letter t-shirts for their upcoming photo/video shoot, and of coz i said yes to it! That's the thing for us who do calligraphy or lettering, we just want to letter on anything and any surface and materials!


Preparing the drafts in airport

Preparing the drafts in airport

That time i was heading to Singapore for a short trip, and as the timeline was super tight, i had to bring my sketchbooks and brush to prepare for the drafts, it was crazy yet fun!


Letter letter letter

Letter letter letter

All the T-shirts

All the T-shirts

It was really fun working on them, to see the idea transfer to drafts then transfer to the t-shirt. And after 2-month of waiting (for me), i share with you the amazing photoshoot done by Marie Claire Malaysia with Rado and Faber Castell!


August Issue

August Issue


I remembered when i was painting these t-shirts, "Girl Boss" was the one i like most, and in my mind i was also thinking, ah wouldn't it be great if it's Vivy Yusof who wears it

And indeed she did

With the editor even!

My life is complete hahahahahah

Thanks again for the opportunity! You can head over to Marie Claire Amazing Women to read about the interviews!