Celebrating Sanaz & Soroush

I've always love to do pieces for a couple's big day, it's like part of me is reliving the time where i was planning for my own wedding, the research period, the contacting of vendors, the anxious time, and the moment of joy and happiness. And when people are trusting me to create the pieces, it's truly an honour!

Sanaz contacted me to create a welcome board, we met shortly, and there she was a bubbly bright lady! We chatted and she shared her thoughts on wedding, which is so refreshing to know! And so instead of putting the normal "Welcome to our wedding", we decided to use "Welcome to our celebration of love" :)



It was a small intimate gathering for her and her family, before embarking their journey in another country, so she also had me to prepare place cards, which just fits her theme perfectly!

Added a lil touch of gold for that sparkle!

Added a lil touch of gold for that sparkle!

And shortly after the event she sent me the pictures, and oh my you lady the time spent on pinterest is totally worth it! You'd not believe she plan it all by herself!

So here it is, celebrating Sanaz & Soroush. 


Thanks again for having me in your celebration, may the future holds bright and lovely for you both!

Photography: The Wedding Barn

Venue: The Dusun

It has a been a while

In just a blink of an eye it's already May! of 2017! Gosh where has all the time been?

Feel so sorry to this space, when i set up this website i thought to myself i need to update the blog frequently, and guess when is my last post :sheepish smile:

Anyway lots of things happened since then, and thought of using this space to record my works and process, as well as my own progress, coz you know, insta stories will be gone in 24 hours :) 

The past week has been busy working on some pieces for a styled shoot cum event happening in St. Regis and Westin Langkawi, thank you to planner Tie the Knot for roping me in for this event. I'm so so excited to see how all these will turn out!

acrylic menu
arcylic menu
floral menu

Acrylic menu, watercolor floral menu, place cards and whole other bunch of stuffs that sadly i didn't get to take picture of! The joy of creating as well as the excitement of having to see them on the styled events make me a happy gal! Will definitely sharing them once i've got the photos!